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Thank for stopping by. This is the home of the ORIGINAL custom personalized wire wood hangers. I am hoping to continue to add different designs as time moves on. I also sell wedding signs and more now.

If you have any special requests, please email me at: bridalhangers@aol.com . Visit my online portfolio: Flickr . I'd love to hear from you!

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About Me

For years I had the desire to work for myself. I tried several different things, but nothing really seemed to work. The fact I was raising two very active children, probably did not help me either!

I started early in my life being interested in home decorating. I guess I picked a lot of that up from my mother. She was always wallpapering, painting, and redecorating her home.

I obtained my Real Estate License when I was young, newly married, and starting a family. I was able to see the insides of others homes. I gained a little knowledge of some do's and don'ts of home decorating from that experience.

I even convinced my mother to go to school with me for Interior Design. What a valuable experience that was. It really opened my eyes to different techniques to be used, while making a home your very own!

I guess I always had a creative side, but just did not realize it until I became an adult. Buying magazines, books, and some of the wonderful home decorating shows, have truly been my inspiration. They opened up a new world for me.

After trying many projects, including stenciling on walls, faux painting, freehand painting, and more, my business was born in 2005. I am lucky to have a wonderful husband who just goes with the flow. Walls became a blank canvas for me.... My backyard fence and old doors were victims too! If it stood still long enough it would get painted.....

I started off selling at a few local craft shows. Those we really busts for me. In the beginning I created floor cloths, painted purses, and shelves. I did not sell much. I think most became gifts. Pretty disappointing after all the hard work.

I discovered the internet in 2005. I knew very little and really did not understand how to download a picture even, when I began. I am not afraid to jump in and try things. I have learned so much since then. Still so much to learn though, right?

A friend of mine told me about this great site called "Etsy", back in 2007. I really did not understand how to use it much, but thought why not? I listed a few things like handmade jewelry, some painted glassware, candles, soap, and a few other items. Did not sell my first item until January 2008. Of course, I did not promote and just let it site there. Amazing that something even sold.

Soon after I found the wonderful group, "Etsy Team Columbus". I am still a proud member, and owe a lot of what I know today to many of the great members of past and present. It really can be a great place to bounce off ideas and to ask if you do not know something. Seems you will find someone who does. I have made so many good friends here too!

As time evolved I started painting on glasses like wine, champagne, plates, and more. That seemed to go well online, but not so much in person. I am still trying to find that niche. I have painted thousands of pieces of glass, had my garage full of unpainted pieces, and basement full of glass and boxes.....
In 2010, I created these lovely Custom Personalized Wire Wood Hangers. This is the home of the ORIGINAL, the others followed after me! I started off doing the all wire hangers, selling my first one of that type on January 31st , 2010. I had a concern about the strength, and my husband and I came up with the idea of altering the wooden hangers with the personalized wire, selling my first of that type on February 24th, 2010. Who would have known what a hit they were going to be? Now, I mainly sell the hangers with a little glassware in between.

This year 2011, a new creation was made. The birth of our very own handmade hanger! It is made in the USA.....!! What a beauty it is too. Very sturdy and even prettier in person.... Please take a minute to check it out.Where will the road lead to next? Only time will tell....Check back often to see where it goes...

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