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Monday, September 2, 2013

Transfer Ink Pillowcase Tutorial

Creating transfer ink pillowcases are easy and most importly, fun to create.  This is a project which may be created by many age groups.  The biggest concern is being able to use a very hot iron.  If smaller children are creating these, they could certainly do the painting part, allowing an adult to finish up the project by ironing on the design for them. 

Items needed for this project:

Paint Brush
DecoArt Ink Effects
White Pillowcase

I recently read about a scarf project in one of my painting magazines using this paint.  I have painted on fabric several times, but with different types of fabric paint.  This process caught my interest.  I just had to buy the product and give it a try.

My mother is terminally ill.  I spend a lot of time doing doodle designs while I am with her.  She mentioned she would like to have something with my designs on it.  Since she is in bed most of the time, I thought this would be a great place to add my art.  I came up with the idea of buying her a new pillow and creating a unique pillowcase for her.  Of course, once I brought it in my dad decided he wanted one too!!

Step 1:  Wash and Iron the Pillowcase.

Step 2:  Paint the design on plain white or light colored paper.  This may be copying paper or some type of other light colored paper.  The best results for this project will be applying the ink to light colored fabric.  Allow paint to dry 30 to 45 minutes.

Step 3:  After allowing the ink to dry on the paper for 30 to 45 minutes, it is now time to apply the ink to the fabric.  Allow your iron to heat up to the hotest setting.  I painted 3 sections for my pillowcase.  I randomly placed the center piece of my design on the pillowcase.  Turn the paper with the design down on the pillowcase.  Keep your iron moving over the entire design for at least 30 seconds.  Do not allow it to sit in once place, as this could cause it to burn the fabric.

Step 4:  Remove the paper from the center design once you are finished ironing on it for at least 30 seconds.  Repeat this step with the two additional paper designs to complete this pillow.

Once you finish ironing on the design your pillow is finished.  It is nice and soft and very comfortable to lay on.  This is unlike when you paint the design on fabric.  The design in that case may be stiff and not so comfortable to lay your head on.

This is a pretty easy project to do.  Very small amount of time required to complete this type of project.

I chose to do just a black on the white pillowcase.  There are a variety of colors which may be used to create your design.  You can reuse the inked designs too.  Just go back over the design with the desired ink color.  Apply again as you did the first time.  Pretty easy, right?

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