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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Different Styles

I have been creating wedding dress hangers since the beginning of 2010.  Originally, my husband was doing the wire creating.  I would do all of the designs on the hangers and any painting that needed to be done.  I also would box the orders up and ship them out.

Throughout this time there have been many changes.  I now to the wire bending.  My husband will mount some of the hangers, while I do the rest.  I actually still do all of the painting and shipping.

There have been many different letters that people have questioned over this time, and we have made changes in how they are created in an attempt to minimize the questions.  We truly want to please our customers, but know sometimes it just is not possible.

I recently had another complaint about how I created a cursive "G."  I have decided to post this picture and write a blog post on it, so I can refer my customers to this post.  They can make a decision on which style they prefer.  I have found depending on where a customer is from and their age, it can make a difference as to which way they like best.

I am truly hoping this post helps.  I would like to create it the right way from the start, instead of having to recreate a new hanger.

Thanks for stopping by!

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