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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wedding Hair Trial Run!

I am currently visiting my daughter Ashley and her fiance Zach, in Heber City, Utah.  She will be getting married on 8/2/2013.  My biggest worry is her being happy with her hair on their wedding day.  In an attempt to minimize the meltdown over her hair, I had her make an appointment to do a trial run while I am visiting.

For many bride to be's this may not be a big factor, but for Ashley this has always been a reason for many upsets throughout the years.  Every time she had a special dance to attend, I would take her to have an updo done.  No matter where I would take her, she just never liked the final results.  This would truly put a damper on the evening.  So, you can imagine my concern for her wedding day.  I do not want anything to ruin her special day.

My intentions were to have her hair done, then we can figure out what she liked and what she did not like about it.  Hopefully, when it comes time to doing it for real, we will be able to tell the hairdresser exactly what she wants.

When the hairdresser was finished doing her hair, Ashley got to take her time looking at the results.  I could tell she was not entirely crazy about the results.  I guess I was really was not surprised, but so glad this was not the real thing.

There were some things she really liked, while other parts she did not like so much.  She was really hoping the back would be bigger.  She really wants it to be loser and larger.

The hairdo was created off center so that there is a potential to see some of it from the front, when pictures are taken.  The hairdresser felt it was important to have different textures.  This would enhance the wedding photos.

We spent the day going through shops, eating lunch, dinner, and then to the movies.  She left the hairdo up to try to get used to it and see what changes she would make.  The hairdresser left a large amount of hair out on one side, with a small amount out on the other.  She was going for more of a Marilyn look, feeling that would fit the style of her dress the best.

While driving around Ashley played with it a little when we would make a stop.  She felt that she would like it better if a smaller amount were left out on each side, and part of it pulled up as shown in this photo.

Look at this smile, now she likes it much better!  We are still trying to get a hairdresser set up to do her hair on the wedding day.  Time will tell what the final results will be.  Wish her luck!

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