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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mason Jars for Your Wedding Decor

I am working on additional wedding decorations for my daughter's wedding.  I always planned to use mason jars with battery operated tealights, but originally planned to wrap lace up around each jar.  I know that can be expensive.  I recently saw a post with painted mason jars with something tied around the top of each one.  That really looked cute too.

Realizing that buying lace for the jars will be an added expense, I got to thinking about painting mine as well.  Then it came to me, I can do the crackle technique on these too.  That will be easy and cost effective. 

Before making a final decision, I decided the best thing to do is create one first.  I want to make sure I like the results.  I already have the supplies needed on hand.  I might need to buy more Crackle Effects, but that is not too expensive. 

I started by cleaning my mason jar.  You can wash it and/or clean it with rubbing alcohol.  No other preparations is needed.  Really easy to do.

Next, apply the mason jar with a thin coat of the Crackle Effects.  Just make sure you are covering all of the glass.  I start at the top, making sure my brush is full of the crackle material.  Pull your paint brush straight down, moving around the glass from top to bottom.

I would allow the jar to dry for a few hours.  Make sure it is dry to the touch.  If you place the crackle material on thick, it may take longer to dry.  Check it before applying the paint.

The next step is pretty easy too.  Load your desired paint brush with your paint.  Once again, I apply from the top to bottom as I move around the glass.  I actually placed one hand inside this glass and turned it as I needed to.  Make sure you fill in the spaces which are not easily covered, such as around the top ridges.  Just make sure you do not apply to heavily, or the paint may puddle in those areas.  If that should happen, just tap your paint brush bristles in the given are to soak up some of the extra paint.  That will allow that area to crackle too.  If the paint is too thick, it may not work as well.

As you can see I have a few places where the paint puddled....I went back to those spots and touched with my paint brush.  That took care of it, allowing those places to crackle.

This is just the beginning of the process of creating an lovely wedding decor items for the wedding reception.  My next step will be creating the clay hearts to tie around each one.

Stay tune for the finished item.  Just like the vases, they are not done yet either....The suspense will continue to build....

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1 comment:

Drew Watts said...

Yeah mason jars are best for DIY parties. You can do a lot of décor items using them. We attended a night engagement party at some local Seattle venues and there were some cute table centerpieces that were made with mason jars and light strings. I loved them a lot.