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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Making Clay Hearts

I decided to takes some time today to work on my daughter's wedding.  I was planning to venture out in an attempt to nail down a florist for my daughter's bouquet and the her bridesmaid flower, however my husband took off with my car.  He thought he would be home in a few hours, which should have been around 12n, but it is now 3:34p and here I sit!

Since I couldn't get out to visit a local florist as planned, I thought I might work on the little clay hearts to go along with the mason jars.  In some of my recent previous posts I have shared how to paint the jars.  I still need to do several more, but have a good start.  I'd love to have 48-50 of them for the receptions.  My plans are to place at least 4 on each table...

I went down in to my studio area and gathered up my supplies.  I have tried many different types of clays, but this type was highly recommended.  It is easier to soften up then the regular Sculpey clay, and has the appearance of kiln fired clay.  No kiln needed.  Just bake in your oven.  Sounds great to me!

My husband actually helped soften up the clay for me a few days ago.  It arrived in the package pictured above.  Pretty much in a rectangle shape....It was so much easier to work with after breaking it down in to 3 sections and manipulating in my hands.

I start by rolling out a section of the clay using a regular rolling pin.  I then placed the small heart in the clay making small hearts and setting each aside one as I work.  Moving around the piece of clay until it is all used up.

I just work around the clay and do the best I can to place the hearts in positions to allow me to make the best use of all of the clay, minimizing waste.

When I get to this point, I will roll up the remaining clay and roll it out again.  I want to use every piece possible.

Now I am ready to create more hearts!

I really wasn't concerned too much with the thickness of my clay hearts, as this is for my own personal use for my daughter's wedding.  If you are concerned about them being uniform, you can use wooden sticks like you see here.  They are flat and the same thickness, making it easy to roll out nicely.

After I have each heart cut out, I want to add holes that I will use to string and tie them to my mason jars.  The easiest thing we have found are plastic straws.  I am certain there is probably a tool on the market just for this purpose, however, since this is just for a special occasion there is no need to have the added expense.  I may never use this clay again...

I just place the straw straight down on the clay heart.  Turn the straw around and around until you feel it has gone all of the way through.  Pull the straw out and squeeze out the excess clay in the straw.  Repeat this process until you are finished.  If you find the straw did not go completely through, I would clean it out and repeat the process.  Just make sure you can see the foil when you are done.

Pretty simple and inexpensive to do!

Next I want to put A + Z on each heart for my daughter and her fiance.  I like using the stylus to write with in the clay.

It is not necessary to be real neat about it...I want more of the rustic look.

Once I have all of the holes made and the initials written, it is time for them to hit the oven.

I preheated the oven to 275 degrees.  They need to bake 15 minutes for every 1/4" thickness of clay.  For the first batch, I added the preheat time to the bake time.  For the second batch I just baked them for 15 minutes, since the oven was already preheated....

Once they were finished baking, I pulled them out of the oven and allowed them to cool.

I am considering adding dots to them or something extra to make them a little fancier.  However, they would be just fine the way they are when are taken out of the over.

Stay tuned to see the finished jars in the near future!

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