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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

8 Unique touches to set your wedding apart that won’t cost the Earth!

  Party Bags for your guests especially for the children is a fantastic way to make your wedding guests feel special. It is easy to get your hand on little personalised gifts for each person. For children it is possible to get personalised colouring in books, this makes a huge impression on the child and is a unique touch that won’t cost you much more. Or even fill them with your favourite  sweets.

Hiring a roulette wheel and black jack board is a great form of entertainment for your guests which includes everyone and is a fab ice breaker for people who haven’t met before. If you have any guests travelling to your wedding who have never stayed there before then a great idea is to put together welcome packs for them and leave the packs in their accommodation for when they arrive. An idea for the pack could be a selection of guides to the area and little gift along with a welcome bottle of bubbly! This will really make an impression to your guests and make you feel great.

 Why do what everyone else does and serve champagne when guests arrive at your reception, why not serve you and your partner’s favourite cocktail?? Or if you are feeling more adventurous, why not serve a cocktail the 2 of you have invented! This will cost a lot less than the champagne and will really impress your guests (just try not to make them too potent).

Can’t afford wedding favours? Then why not have your table flower arrangement made in various bottles, jars and tins (one for each person on the table) so your guests can take home their own flower arrangement. The best part about this is that you can do the flower arrangements yourself. You could even plant individual plants in the various containers so your guests will have flowers that will last longer than a week.

Another gift idea could be silly wedding favours such as clip on moustaches, funny glasses and silly straws. Add a photo booth to your wedding reception and you will be having to hold your stomach from all the laughter, not to mention the fantastic pics you will get of all your guests. Your guests will also get to take the pics home so they get a very unique wedding gift from you too. 

 A  sweet, romantic touch to your wedding reception is to hang photos of you and your partner on the wall. Ranging from childhood to the present day. This will stir nostalgia in your family and guests and is very nice touch that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Dessert tables are massive for 2013! You can either have them made by your caterer or you or your girlfriends can create individual cakes and desserts for your guests such as meringues filled with cream and fruit, chocolate éclairs/profiteroles and little tarts. Place these on cake stands at various heights for a vintage feel.
Thanks to my guest blogger for this nice post!  
Photography by Barefoot Photography and Written by Devon Wedding Guide

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Rachel said...

Love it! Rachel rachelagoodlad@gmail.com

Aerial Ali said...

Amy, I love the entertainment idea for the black jack table!!!!

"Winner winner chicken dinner"!!! Our wedding is cinema themed and that could be part of the room for the movie 21!!!!!

Put me down for this contest!!! I would love to have some wedding photos with a unique accessory to compliment my dress!!!

Aerial.... antoineplusaerial@gmail.com