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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Creating Lovely Centerpieces for a Wedding Part 1

If you think it is too difficult to create your own centerpieces for your wedding day, it may be easier to do than you may think.  This is a picture of centerpieces which are being created for a wedding reception.  It is very affordable to make these on your own.  This is what they look like after part 1.

You will begin the process by washing and then cleaning of the glass with rubbing alcohol.  I normally use paper towels.  I place a small amount of rubbing alcohol on my paper towel, and then reload with more as I move on to the next one.

I begin using a smaller paint brush, starting at the top and going down to the bottom of the vase.  I fill in and repeat with the unpainted section, continuing to turn while painting and moving around the vase.  You may use other types of tools for the base painting, such as a stencil brush, scruffy brush, or even a sponge.  Whatever you are comfortable with.  It really is up to you.

Continue painting and turning until the cylinder vase as 1 coat of brown on it.  Allow the paint to dry for at least at least 1 hour before adding another coat of paint.

Basically, you repeat what you did when you painted on the first coat.  I start at the top and work down on the vase.  Continuing turning the vase and painting.  Make sure it looks pretty evenly painted before moving on to the next vase.

This is what the vase looks like with two coats of paint on it.  It becomes more opaque as you add more layers.  I want this vase to be covered due to placing the battery box inside the vase, as there will be lighted branches which will eventually added.

This is what the vase with only1 coat of paint compared to one with 2 coats.  It definitely makes a difference.  I feel it is necessary due to wanting to hide the batter box.  Makes it look nicer too.

The next step will follow.  That will be to add the glaze for crackling.  Come back to see my next post!

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