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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Wedding Experience


Today I had the pleasure of vending at a local bridal show, "The Wedding Experience."  It was held at Northpointe Hotel.  What a great location for the show.


When we arrived I went to the registration desk to get assistance in finding the room I was going to be in.  When my husband and I finally located the spot, we realized immediately the spot was not going to work.  

They had my table set up in the middle of the room.  It was actually right next to the dance floor.  It was an awkward spot.  My boards would block the view, plus I was not sure even how to set up my display.  

Luckily, when I found one of the organizers of the event, she graciously understood and moved me in to another room.  The only down side was that my table was small.  After set up was done, I was only able to put out a few of my painted glasses.  I was not able to display my pillows.  They had to remain in the bag under my table.

The bridal show was well attended, and a nice event.  I had many bride to be's stop by my table and sign up for my hanger giveaway.  I passed out many 20% off discount cards too.  I hope this will help to get my name out locally.  Would really love to get more business within Ohio.

I am looking forward to doing their bridal show in fall at COSI...That should be a great show as well...Mark it on your calendar!

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