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Monday, February 18, 2013

Hiring a Wedding Videographer

Ok let's compare pic1 versus pic2.

If you shop for a videographer entirely on price, you could get #1, if
you shop based on value, you could still get #1 but they know how to
fix it so you get #2.

Which would you prefer?

Price versus Value

Let's start this out with some quick definitions:

Price: the sum or amount of money or its equivalent for which anything
is bought, sold, or offered for sale.

Value: relative worth, merit, or importance.

So are you a price shopper or a value shopper?

Sure no one wants to be ripped off, that's a given. As you are
shopping for wedding professionals, whether it is a planner,
photographer, wedding filmmaker, etc.,

What is driving you? Is it just the cost or are you really figuring
out the value of what the professional wants to charge you? Or does it
even really matter to you?

In the USA, haggling is not really part of the culture, unlike some
foreign countries. So how do you get the best value for your money?

You can always ask for a discount, sometimes they will bend, sometimes not.

Only you can decide which is more important, price or value.

Brides I hear you screaming, "That's not a fair statement, I really
want a wedding but can't afford it!".

That might be true, but look at your budget for your wedding, where is
all of the money being spent? Can you cut anywhere to be able to get
this thing that is that important to you?

Take for example a wedding video, is what the wedding professional
asking for a fair amount? Maybe, maybe not. Sometimes you can't tell

You have no idea what your final product will be when delivered. You
can only base the value on what you've seen them produce in the past.
Everyone's wedding film will be different, so will yours be as great
as others they have done in the past?

As experience grows, your wedding film could be steps above what they
produced last time, which in turn means the value was even greater
than you expected.

Customer service nowadays in most cases is non-existent. As you're
talking to the wedding professionals you might want to hire, see how
they want to cater to you. The wedding day is all about YOU not them,
listen to see what they can do for you.

Price: Cheaper does not always mean better! The idea of “you get what
you pay for” still holds true today. So don't shop solely on price,
you just might get what you pay for.

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Until next time, happy wedding planning.

Joe Testa

Thanks to my guest blogger, Joe!


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