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Monday, January 7, 2013

New Painted Champagne Glasses

I just love creating new designs.  I wish I had more time to do this.  I recently came up with a few new designs.  These glasses make awesome toasting glasses, or fun gifts to give for special occasions.

The first design is painted with silver metallic paint.  I just star decals to leave part of the glass unpainted.  After pulling off the decals, I painted small dots around each star with gold metallic paint.  I added and ragged line of paint around the top and around the stem where the paint ends.  This gives the glass a finished look.  I think they turned out nicely.

The next set I really like too.  I used red paint.  No metallic this time...I placed heart decals on the glass in order to have unpainted heart shapes.  Once I pulled off the decals, I painted silver metallic dots around each heart.  I used the silver metallic paint to paint a ragged line around the top of the glass, and where the paint ends on the stem.  Again, this was done to provide a finished look.

The final set, I think is really fun.  Kind of whimsical.  I placed circle decals on the glass to have unpainted circles.  I painted gold metallic paint on the glass.  Once I removed the decals, I painted white petals around each circle.  I painted around each circle with silver metallic paint.  I added hash type design in the center of each circle with metallic copper.  I also added metallic copper dots on the petals of each flower.

I have listed each of the champagne glass sets in my shop.  They are available for sale now.  They are $25 + shipping.  Great price for nice glasses!

If you want to check out my shop, please stop here: Amy's Original Bridal Hangers .

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