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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Short Oodles of Doodles Tutorial

Begin with a blank piece of paper any size.

Step 1:  Draw a basic design to use as a guideline for your doodles.

Step 2: I started in one corner drawing diagonal lines.

Step 3:  Add line going the other direction to create squares.

Step 4:  Add then lines diagonally in one corner of each square.

Step 5: Add triangles or a zig zag line next to the first design.

Step 6: I added small filled in triangles to the inside of each of the original ones.  I also connected the points from one triangle to the next with a thin line.

Step 7:  Add thin diagonal lines around each triangle.

Step 8: Go back in and make the lines between the tips of each triangle thicker.

Step 9:  Draw four rectangles from the last design.

Step 10:  Make slightly curved thinner lines between the rectangle areas just drawn.

Step 11:  Draw 5 diagonal lines from the last completed design toward the corner.

Step 12: Add lines going the opposite direction to create boxes.

Step 13: Fill in every other block.

Step 14: I have moved the picture around to a different direction. From the completed design draw 6 lines spaced out through the remainder of the blank spaces.  Begin to add thin close lines to the smaller sections.  

Step 15: Fill in the other two smaller sections with the thin lines.

Step 16: Go back in and darken the lines that are on either side of the vertical lines you just drew.

Step 17: Add a medium thickness line between the vertical line sections.

Step 18: I complete this picture by going over the outside lines around the design.  I darken them and clean up the outer edges.

You can leave your design just like this.  You could also continue on until the entire page is filled in.  There are many ways to do these from drawing specific designs to add the doodles too, or just start with a design and build from there.
You can use Sharpie markers or Micron.  In this piece I used Micron markers.  I mainly use the brush tip, #01, and #1 tips.

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