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Friday, November 23, 2012

Flower Doodle Tutorial

Start with a blank piece of paper. It is up to you what size and type of paper. I used sharpie permanent markers for this tutorial.  They were a combination of the thin, medium, and thick lined markers.

Draw a 5 petal flower.

Add a thin line on each petal of the flower.

Darken in the lined area to make a thicker line.

Add finials that are little scrolls.

Draw larger petals around each of the smaller flower petals.

Draw slanted lines around one side of each flower petal.

Color in every other slanted area around each side of the flower petal.

Clean up the lines by going over the design with a larger marker.

Add more finials around the center of the flower.

Add dots to the other side of the flower petals.

Add a stem to the flower.

Go over the lines of the stem with a larger marker to darken the line.

Add thin and thick lines down the stem of the flower.

Draw three leaves on the stem, adding zig-zag lines on one side of each leaf.

Color in the plain side of each leaf with the black marker.

Go over the zig-zag lines to clean them up and make them darker.

Add lines to the zig-zag design.

To complete the design I add more finials around the outer part of the flower petals.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial.  Take your time, relax, and feel the stress leave your body while creating beautiful art.


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