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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Doodling a Small Canvas Bag

You can make a little bag like this too.  It is relaxing and fun as the same time!  Here is how to do it!

Choose a small canvas bag for your project.  The one shown was purchased at Hobby Lobby.

I purchase gel roller pens online.  This was the first time I used them.  You can choose whatever fabric pens you want.  I prefer to do just black on the canvas.

First I start by drawing the outline of a five petal flower.

Next I created a thicker dark line on one side of each flower petal.

Next I added some leaves and finials and started to line one side of each leaf.

I completed lining 1 side of each leaf.

Draw diagonal lines from the flower to one corner of the bag.

Then color in a triangle in one corner of each square, drawing a line from the triangle to the opposite corner.

Next draw a line from the flower to the side of the bag.

I then darkened in those lines thicker.

Fill in between the lines with the small rounded lines.

I drew two lines out from the flower.  I drew in round and oval designs from small to large.  I darkened in one side of each design, placing small circles to fill in the area around each design.

Under the ovals I drew in semi-circles and darkened them in.

I kind of lost myself in the drawing and drew in semi-circles and lines on the designs by the ovals.  I placed small dark dots outside of those.  Next I drew out diagonal lines from the semi-circles.  The double lines were filled in with zig-zags and dots.  Out from the side of that, I drew in 4 flower petals and placed lines in those petals.

I drew finials out around each flower petal.

Next I drew a line around the flower. I added more lines from that.  In between one set I added small rounded line.  The lines are randomly spaced.

I continued on drawing more line in the open spaces.  I colored one area in with a solid line. I drew a partial circle pattern with solid dots on top of each tip.  From that is drew squiggle lines and random circles to the other side. Next I drew in the leaf pattern. I placed little lines in each petal and darkened the lines around the outer edge of the leaf pattern.

I added another line from the flower and added in chevron design, colored in every other space and put fringe on one side of each colored in space. 

I added two more line and continued on adding a semi-circle and lines coming out from underneath.

I darkened in the semi-circles.

Next I drew a circle and drew several lines in one direction, and several in the opposite direction.

I drew another design like the one above.  Then I added lines filling in the space between the design I just drew and the design beside it.  I colored in every other line. I added small circles and then 3 lines that look like wire.
I drew another line from the flower to the side of the bag.  This time I created a partial circle design, filling in the line thicker on the top of each one.

I added a random triangle patter along the design just drawn.

I darkened in one side of each triangle. I added thinner lines every other triangle, and lines going the other direction in the ones left.

I outlined the finials and darkened it in.  Then I added lines to connect one design to the other.  This filled in the final blank area on the back.  I added a random line to weave through the straight lines, as if it were a string. 

This is the finished side of the bag.  

This is the other side.  I love this little bag. The pen seemed to run out of ink quickly.  I would probably use a different type of ink or paint, if I were to do this again.

Here is a look at the other side of the bad....You could even just stop with one side if you would like.  I enjoy doing this so much that I decide to do the other side too!


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