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Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Daughter Is Engaged!

My daughter and her boyfriend left last Friday for St. Thomas, VI.  They planned a week of vacation just to enjoy each other and spend some quality time together.  There were a lot of hurdles to go through before it was all said and done.  All I hoped for was that they could get away and have a great time......

I heard from them when they first arrived on the Island, with a picture included.  They looked pretty happy.  Who wouldn't be, staying on a beautiful Island like St. Thomas, right?

Later in the week I received a text from Ashley letting me know they were going to be doing an island hop, including the British Virgina Islands.  I thought that sounded like a great time.  You might as well take advantage of it and do what all you can while you are down there.  I would if it were me.

Yesterday evening, we received a call from Ashley.  She had wanted us both to be there on the speaker phone for what she was about to say....Zach had proposed to her!!  How exciting....It was such a surprise for her.  She had no clue and neither did we!!!

We are so happy for them both.  It is going to be fun to finally get to plan a wedding for my daughter.  It will be challenging since she lives in South Carolina, and we live in Ohio.  Oh, and her future in-laws live in Michigan!  We will make it work, one way or the other....It will be interesting to see where it ends up taking place.

I will be sharing the experience as we venture down the road....


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