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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Doodle Art Line Drawing #1

I recently created a serious of different line drawings in which I will be completing each piece with different doodles.  My plan is to finish creating each piece and then sharing them with you.

The design created above is simple created by randomly drawing in a circular motion.  You start the drawing and end it in the same spot.  Very simple!

Get out your ink pens and start adding the different designs to your line drawing.  In this type of design, I often leave open spaces within the design.  I also rarely ever create on the entire page, leaving blank space around the design itself.

This is a very relaxing art form.  Whenever I am just doodling for relaxation purposes, I just use different size and tips of Sharpie markers.  They seem to be more reasonably priced for regular use.  When I am creating the design as a real piece of artwork I will use the Micron markers.  They do not bleed and are great for archivable art.

I hope you enjoy my oodles of doodles artwork.  If you would like to see some step by step instructions on creating your own, please visit me here: www.instructables.com/id/More-Oodles-of-Doodles-Art/ and www.instructables.com/id/Creating-Doodle-Art/ .

Now, go get your markers, paper, and have some fun!



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