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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Beginning Stages of Planning a Wedding

Well, I know there are a lot of things to consider when planning a wedding.  My daughter will need to decide where and when the event will be held.  There are so many factors to consider from who will be able to be in the wedding based on where it is going to be held, to who will be able to attend for the very same reason.

My daughter will need to figure out where she wants to look for a wedding dress.  Will she look where she lives in Hilton Head, fly home, or meet part way in another area where her future mother-in-law can participate? 

What about the guy's attire?  Where will they get their tuxes.....?  What color do they want? Who will be in the wedding?

The venue for the wedding and reception?  Favors? All the other wedding accessories?

I know one thing for sure, she will have the best personalized wedding hangers!!

I suggested that she take a look on Etsy to get some ideas of things she might want.  I think it is a great place for that.  Many of the items are things we can recreate if need be.

There is so much to do.....Not sure how much time we have to do it in!!!


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