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Thursday, August 23, 2012


Often people think being in business for yourself is glamorous.  Many even think you have it made and life is easy.  Little do they know, it is harder than it looks!

I have to admit that I do like working for myself.  I hope to be able to continue to do this until I retire or die, whichever comes first....  I work harder and longer than I ever worked for someone else.  I basically work most of my waking hours.  If I didn't like it, this would be really difficult to do.

I am always trying to think of things to blog about.  I came up with the idea of trying to share parts of my job.  Maybe even start sharing parts of my work day...I decided to start with my shipping.

My typical day ends with me pulling orders and printing off my shipping for the next day.  I tried something new today; actually printing my shipping after each order that I created.  I am trying to do it at the same time that I am creating, in an attempt to save time.  I really need a break in the evening...

The next day I will place the shipping labels with the respective orders.  I will look over the painted hangers to make sure they do not need to be touched up.  Then I begin to place the hangers in the boxes and place the shipping labels on them.  I place each hanger in a plastic bag, with blank newspaper sheets for packing.  I include a discount card for the next purchase or referral.

After I have completed boxing each order, I then have to carry all of the stacks of boxes up my basement stairs.  Next, I have to load them in to my car.  It is a lot of work to get from the creation of the hangers to the shipping.

I feel so good once I get to this point!  I feel even better after they are delivered to the post office and I am on my way back home!  I would have the post office pick them up at my house, but many days this is the only time I get out of my house!  Another perk or down fall of working at home...

Not so exciting, right?


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