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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I just love creating doodles.  They are so much fun and extremely relaxing.  I have been playing with them a lot lately, trying do different things with them.  My newest creation is printing names on water color paper and then adding the doodles around the name in micron pens.

I started out by printing each babies name on a separate piece of water color paper.  You can make the names as large as you want.  They can be centered, off center, or placed where ever you want on the page.

I created Grant's picture first.  I really never have a plan when I begin.  I just start to add designs and build from there.I started on the smaller designs that are within the name and then built from there.  I really love how it turned out.  Much nicer than just a plain name, right?

The next evening I worked on Piper's picture.  My photography is not the greatest.  It appears that some of the design is gray, but it is actually created in all black and white.  I am happy with this one also. Once again, I started with the smaller designs in the name and built out from there.

I think the added designs truly make these a piece of artwork.  They add so much interests to their names and really seem to make the names pop.  Which do you like better?


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