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Thank for stopping by. This is the home of the ORIGINAL custom personalized wire wood hangers. I am hoping to continue to add different designs as time moves on. I also sell wedding signs and more now.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012


 As you go down in to my work cave (the basement), this is what you are greeted with.  A wall of boxes full of hangers. I am surprised that I do not have dreams or nightmares about them!
 As you come off of the steps continue to look in to the room, to see more boxes and hangers.  This is the room where I packaging all of my items to ship out.  So you will also find a pool table used as my shipping table, with packaging needs on top of it.  This includes the tape, packing paper, and bags which I place each hanger in.
 Entering in to the other side of the work cave, I have my mounting area.  I also have hangers ready to be used, hanging up and ready for the wire to be added.  Underneath these tables you will find bad hangers, and storage of other items.
On this same side is my work table where the creation takes place.  I also paint items on this table too.  It also is used underneath for storage.  I have a sink, stove, and refrigerator down there.  Almost a full kitchen!  No dishwasher though.  I use the stove for baking my painted glassware, which I do not do much of anymore.  The hangers have pretty much take over my business.

I am lucky to have recreated myself in my 40's and enjoy working for myself.  I am hoping to continue to make changes and to be able to work until I no longer want to.  I want the choice to be mine as to when I say I have had enough.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour.  I'd love to see you work space.  Feel free to share!


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Business Space Solutions said...

Much thanks for sharing your workspace! And keep enjoying life more by enjoying the work that you truly love!