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Monday, August 27, 2012


 You just cannot even begin to imagine how hard it is to get quality hangers.  I would never had dreamed that it would be.  Unfortunately, the hangers are created in China.  This seems to be the case no matter who you purchase from.  Yes, I purchase from companies in the United States, but they obtain their product from China.

This picture shows you just some of the hangers we are not able to use.  There have been many more before this.  Often, the hangers will be warped, broken, or their surfaces are so messed up that we are not able to use either side of the hanger.  I have explained to the owners what we are using them for, and the need for them to look nice.  At first, they want to work with you and will give you refunds.  After doing this a few times, they are ready to stop doing business with you.  It is just hard to understand why other customers are okay with what they are receiving.  Many claim to be working with high end customers too.
In this box you will find the ones which can be salvaged by being painted.  Although, now I am not offering a lot of other colors.  It may be some time before this box will be used.  This is my biggest loss for my business.

I would love for their to be a better way.  Even if I had to pay a little extra for each hanger.  If the loss were cut down, that would actually be saving me money!


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