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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I have to share this with you.  It is just amazing the stories I have regarding shipping.  I am sure it is not limited to USPS, but probably happens with the other carriers too.

I had a customer make a purchase with me on May 5th of this year.  The order shipped out on 5/22.
In June I was contacted by the customer stating the item had never been received.  The order was actually going to her mother's home.  The tracking at the time indicated it was delivered.  However, her mother indicated she had not received any package from me.

When this happens, I often wonder if the product was delivered to the wrong house?  Another thought is that the item could have been stolen. I also question if someone in the household got the package and forgot to let them know?....You just never know...

Much to my surprise I received the hanger back yesterday.  I found it on my front porch and could not figure out at first who sent a hanger back.  Then realized this was the missing hanger.  It has been out there floating around for almost three months!  What happened to handling mail in a timely manner?

At this point, a new hanger has already been created and shipped to the customer a few months ago.
No need for this hanger anymore.  I guess that is good, because they were so rough with it during this time, that it isn't in great shape now.

What kind of shipping stories do you have?


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