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Friday, July 13, 2012

To Kill a Mocking Bird

Well, maybe not a mocking bird, but a black bird or two.... My morning started off wonderfully....I literally had not been up for more than 5 minutes before the killing began...

I began the morning making my dogs their breakfast. Typically, that is the first thing that I do when I get up. As I was working on that, I heard a chirping and looked out the window. That is when I saw my dog, Pebbles on the attack.... Dressed only in my pajamas, I went screaming out the back door. I realized it was too late... In only a few seconds, it was all over. I was so upset...

Gathering the dogs up and locking them in the house, I proceeded out to scoop up the poor little birdie... In the trash it would go... Then, I continued making the dogs their breakfast.

After breakfast was over, the dogs went back to scope out the yard. I looked out the window only to see Pebbles messing around with something, looking back at the house. I knew she has something... Here we go again...

I ran out and sure enough there was another bird.... Trying to figure out what to do, I grabbed the scooper. Trying to pick up the bird, it started to flutter... That is all it took, my other dog, Kila grabbed it... She began shaking it, before I could get her to stop, yet another bird was dead.

I am certain my neighbors were wondering what I was doing. It certainly was not how I was expecting to start my day. Tomorrow morning just to be better!

Have a great day!

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