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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sales Tax Paid!

I have to try hard to remember to pay my sales tax for Ohio every 6 months.  After coming home from vacation recently, it hit me that I needed to get this done.  Of course, with just getting back from vacation and trying to get caught up, I really needed another thing to worry about....That's how life goes though, right?

Anyway, I started earlier this week attempting to do so.  In Ohio we have to file online or by phone.  I prefer to do the online method, but for some reason I could not get logged in.  I made several attempts to do so, to no avail...

I made a call the next day to the Ohio Department of Taxation to attempt to get my password reset.  Followed the command of the recording provided.  I even wrote down all of the questions that needed to be answered in order for them to reset it.  I was advised to allow 2 hours for the reset to take place, and to receive a confirmation email.

Well, needless to say, after about 5 hours I still had not received their email.  I knew I placed all of the information in the message I left, as requested.  Not sure why I did not hear back from the agency.  Of course, by this time it was too late to call back to actually speak to a human being...

So, the next morning I made the phone call.  I was told since I had not signed on for awhile, I would need to create a new account.... It really had not been that long, as I had paid my sales taxes earlier in the year the same way.  No use arguing...I agreed to do as she directed me.

Finally I could get in!!!  I did not have the time to fool around with filling out the form and completing the filing.  So, I left it for later in the evening.  I logged in and proceeded to go through the process to get the form to complete.  Of course, it would not be easy.  Why would I think it would be??  Pretty silly of me, I know... The option I selected kept telling me that my vendor's number was already in use.  I tried other options which led to a dead end.  Of course, by this time it was too late to call back to get assistance from someone....

I called the agency the next afternoon.  I explained to the representative my situation.  She made a quick fix and finally I was really ready to go.  It took about 5 minutes at best, and I had made the payment and was all set, sales tax was taken care of for yet another 6 months.

I am so glad that is finally over and taken care of.  What a relief....



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