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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ordering Hangers

One of the hardest parts of my business is getting quality hangers.  You would not think of this being so difficult, but it really is.  It actually is the biggest loss for my business.

We have received many shipments with bent and warped wood.  Some of the hangers are not painted or stained properly.  While others may not be glued at the top where the two pieces come together.  Brides are not too happy with broken hangers!!

I have even gone as far as speaking to the owners, to ask that the person packing the hangers pay attention to the ends of the hangers.  They agree and I still receive orders that I cannot use.  Now they do not want to refund or exchange the bad hangers.  I guess I have to eat the expense and write it off as a loss.

My desire is to provide the highest quality hangers to my customers.  I try very hard to check each hanger for its strength, straightness, and nice finish.  My goal is to always have a happy customer in the end.

Happy Saturday!



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