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Monday, June 25, 2012

I Love to Create

I have such a love for creating new things. It can be as simple as new words to create for my bridal hangers, a new paint design for glass, or maybe even a new doodle. I seem to never be able to get enough. When I am away from my art, even if for just a few hours, I find myself missing it and being eager to get back home to start again...

My bread and butter is also paid for by my creations. Whenever I come up with a new idea, one of the first thoughts is, "How can I make money with this?". I wish I could just enjoy it and maybe even do some ideas as a hobby, however I find I do not have much time for a hobby at this time.

Most of you already know that my most successful product are the personalized bridal hangers. I am always trying to find new things to offer, such as new phrases, decorations, and designs in order to keep my customers interested and coming back. I also need to stay ahead of my competition....

My newest creation is a set of Mr. and Mrs. bridal hangers. They are plain and simple, but still make nice wedding photo props. What a great way to include the groom in to the hangers, which also make nice keepsakes too!

If you have any thoughts of other designs, decorations, and/or words to place in the wire, please feel free to make suggestions. I'd love to hear your ideas!

Have fun!


Bridal Hangers

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