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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fun Wedding Facts

I love to read different facts and information about weddings of the past and present. Learning about different customs and where symbolic parts of the ceremony and reception originated, can be quit interesting and sometimes even entertaining!

Have you ever wondered why the wedding veil is worn? There has been a lot of mystery and even romantic thoughts related to the wedding veil. The wedding veil has been worn for over a thousand years.

It was thought that the early wedding veils were worn to hide the bride's as well as her bridesmaids' faces from potential abductors.... Not really certain was that was such a fear many years ago. I would not have given any thought to this on a bride's wedding day. Would you? Apparently, it must have been a concern in the earlier years.

Later on the romantic thought developed the idea of hiding the bride's precious face, giving it more value. I can imagine it adding to the excitement of the groom's first view of his lovely bride, when it is unveiled at the beginning of the wedding ceremony. As you probably already know, it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding! What better way then to wear a veil?

Nowadays, it seems that many brides have strayed away from wearing a veil. Many will wear combs, tiaras, and even hats. I actually wore a hat myself. My wedding was a little different than most, back in a time when weddings were pretty traditional and similar from one to another..... I really love that we can express ourselves now, on are very special day!

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