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Monday, December 5, 2011

What Type of Wedding Dress Would You Have Worn?

I do not know about you, but I have thought for years the traditional wedding dress that we see nowadays, was always part of the wedding tradition. How shallow were my thoughts?

Apparently, the idea of wearing a white wedding dress did not come about until years after the "Middle Ages". In the earlier years the bride was known to wear a nice outfit. Maybe here Sunday best!

In Europe the bride often wore red. What a great color! I could see myself wearing that. I love red...

Other colors such as blue and green were worn too. They had a symbolic meaning for the bride to be. Blue stood for constancy, while green was an indication of youth.

As time went on the bride began to wear white. Since white is clean and thought to be pure, a white dress would be looked at as a sign of purity. Brides that were not virgins or whom had children already, could be found to wear ivory or off-white instead. It was frowned upon if they wore white.

I am so glad that as time has continued on we are now open to brides wearing white, even if it is going to be a second marriage. It really does not seem to matter anymore. A white dress today is merely a wedding symbol.

Today people are more open to unique items and not so concerned about the traditional ones. It is more important to create the wedding day which tells your story. Let your day be a great reflection of you.

If you were getting married now, what dress would you pick?


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