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Sunday, November 27, 2011


Today the bride's bouquet can be created from a variety of items. Some are the traditional cut flower, some are artificial, and others may carry a bouquet that is created with a mixture of vintage brooches... I am certain there are many other types of bouquets that I have not mentioned. These are just a few that come to me right off the top of my head.

If you were getting married back in the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans, you would find the bouquet to be created from a mixture of herbs and maybe even a bit of grains. Garlic often was used in this lovely creation. I love garlic, but I am certain I would not want that in my wedding bouquet. The mixture of herbs and grains often did not have the most pleasant of odors. However, the thought behind carrying this bouquet, was to scare off any evil spirits that might have been lurking about. If this item was a part of your ceremony you were most certain of have a bountiful union.

If you were getting married in the ancient Poland, the groom could rest assured that his bride would be sweet and mellow. It was believed that a little sprinkle of sugar on the bride's bouquet, would control her temper. Wouldn't that be nice if that's all it would take?

I am certainly glad times have changed. What about you?

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