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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Decorating the Nest

Wouldn't this design be pretty in a bedroom? It is a great way to bring a few colors together in your room. You can add a little touch of softness by adding flowers or vines, or any type of design where the two colors meet.

You can start this project a couple different ways. You can select one of the colors to paint over the entire walls that will be receiving this design. The other option would be to paint the top color first, allowing that to dry. After that has dried, go back and tap on the painted side where the paint will meet. Painting the second color on the wall.

You will need good painters tape, measuring tape, level,and pencil when you begin. I recommend using the paint out on the market which has the added product to prevent leakage under the tape. It is well worth the extra money.

So, you will begin by starting with blank walls. The sky is the limit when you have plain walls to begin with. It is so much fun to take walls like this and color and interest to them.

You need to decide how far you want the top color to come down on your walls. It is really a matter of what your preference is. You may want it to be like a border around the top, come down a third of the way, or meet halfway.

You will begin by measuring from the ceiling down. Make a light pencil mark. Use a level and keep marking and measuring around the entire room.

Once you have all of the measuring and marking finished, you will need to go back and apply the painters tape. Make sure you are lining it up with your pencil marks. Make sure you rub over to ensure it is down right. This will help keep paint from seeping underneath it. Also, when you are painting, my sure you paint in the direction of going away from the tape. This helps too.

Begin by trimming your walls. After you trim then proceed to rolling on the paint. Remembering to paint in the direction heading away from the tape. Once you have completed the top of the wall color, remove the painters tape. It is best to remove prior to the paint drying. Pulling the tape up and away from the ways to keep from getting paint on the walls.

Once the top paint has dried fully, go back and apply painters tape on the freshly painted side. Not it is time to paint the lower part of the walls. Once again, remove the painters tape when you are finished painting.

I chose to freehand paint this flower and leaf theme. You can use stencils, other designs, or vines. It is really up to you and what the theme of your room is going to be. Make it yours!

This is all it takes to transform a room for very little money. Take a look at the other designs, colors, and items that you have already. Used these items to create your theme.

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