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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Affordable Home Decor Projects for Newlyweds

I got up early today, so I decided to write the final part of this three part series. I did not want to keep you waiting for too long to see the end results. I would love to hear your comments after reading this.

I think this is the fun part. I really have missed doing creative things to my walls. I have been so busy the past few years with my business, that my house has been placed on the back burner. For some this may seem like work, but for me it was so much fun. I am hoping to be able to provide more projects like this in 2011.

The next step involves working with drywall mud as I call it. It is better to start with a small amount and add more if you need it. You will throw out what is left when you are finished.

Place a small amount in some type of container that will fit the spatula that you will be working with. Add a small amount of water and begin to mix. It is better to start with a little water and add more if needed. You want the drywall mud to be easy to work with, but not runny.

Before I began to apply the mud to the wall, I taped off a space that would be painted black for the firebox. Using the spatula I randomly began to apply the drywall mud to the wall in between the wood and the tape. It is almost like icing a cake, but doing this to your wall. I tried to keep it to a thin coat, covering the walls, but not too thick. This has to dry before you can paint it. If you put on too thick of a coat it will take longer to dry.

After you are finished coating the walls make sure you clean your tools. The drywall mud will harden, making it difficult to clean if not. I would also dry the tools in an attempt to prevent rust.

Once the drywall mud has been applied, you need to allow it to dry completely before painting it. I went on to the next step which consisted of a faux painting treatment to the wood. My goal was to make the cheap wood look like good wood. I left the painting of the wall until the next day. This allowed enough drying time.

One of the biggest decisions I had was to decide on the color of the wall for the fireplace front. I decided to bring in the color from the front room, tying the rooms together. I like to paint with a brush, so that is how I applied the paint. You could use a roller if you prefer.

I painted the firebox black. After it was dry I painted a scroll screen over it using metallic paints, gold, silver, and copper. This gave it a nice finishing
touch. It is now finished. On to the accessorizing part!

I could not wait to add the items to the mantel. I painted the sunflowers on the canvas and flameless candles, bringing it all together. This part is so much fun.
If you cannot afford to do it all at once, add a little at a time. That is okay too.

So, for around a $100 or less, you can really add a statement to your room. If you are like me, use old paint that you have leftover. We had to purchase the wood, but there is such a variety to choose from. You do not have to use expensive wood to make it look nice. Get creative.... It can be so much fun!

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