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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Affordable Home Decor Projects for Newlyweds

Sorry it has taken me so long to continue on with this story. Life happens and business got crazy with the holidays. I have been excited to proceed with my project so that you can see the final. However, with that being said, you will still have to wait to see the end results.

Once you have gathered all of your tools and items for this project, you will begin to assemble the faux fireplace. You will need a level to make sure you are staying straight when you build it. Begin by attaching the flat piece of wood to the wall. On top of that piece you will secure the top piece of wood that will be used as a shelf.

You will continue to add the pieces until the top part of the fire place is complete. This project does require a table saw or miter saw actual works the best. It helps if you have experience cutting wood too!

The next part of the project entails securing the wood that will outline the edges of your fireplace. If you remember from the first post, this pieces were actually what is used around a door. Pretty clever, right?

At this point the building portion is complete. The next step will be to add the color and spice to truly make it a focal point. Some might even think of it as a conversation piece!

I will try to be back soon with the remainder of the story. I hope not to keep you waiting for too long. Might even be able to finish it tomorrow....Stop back soon!

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