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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Newlywed Home Decorating Tips!

It does not have to cost a fortune to set up your new home. I began painting over a well in my bedroom a few weeks ago. Paint is reasonably inexpensive compared to may other decorating options. There is so much you can do to your home with it. It is one of the best ways to turn something from trash to a treasure!

A few years ago I wanted to experiment with painting stripes, so I decided the big wall behind my bed would be my place to create. I was okay with the results, but never really liked it 100%.

A free afternoon finally opened for me a few weeks ago, and I jumped on the opportunity to paint the wall. I really love deep, dark tones. I feel they are warm and make me feel relaxed. This is what the wall looked like before I began.

I love to do faux painting and started off painting with a sponge. As I was painting I kept thinking about what I was going to do with the wall after the red was up. I changed my mind, and went with a roller for the second and third coats. This is what the wall looked like after being finished.

Last night I took the canvas that had been hanging above my bed, and painted it the same color to match the walls. I finally had a plan. I allowed it to dry overnight. Today I hung it back up on the wall above my bed.

My favorite thing to paint are actually walls. I know I paint a lot of other items, but nothing makes me feel so alive as faux and decorative painting. I really enjoy re-purposing old objects that would otherwise been thrown out. I was excited to begin.

I have a few furry friends whom like to help me out. So while getting set up, Pebbles decided she needed something from my dresser. The snooping began!

She has gotten in to the habit of wanting left over chewies that we place on the dresser. It's kind of a game you see. Even if there aren't any up on the dresser, she is still there to verify.

Her sister, Kila heard me talking to her and thought surely I was giving her a treat. Soon she made her appearance in the room, only to find Pebbles with the remainder of an old chewy.

The fun was over and now I could begin. After getting my ladder set up, along with all of my paint colors I painted the main leaves first. It took a little time since they are so large, but it was fun.

After placing the leaves where I wanted them. I painted in the stem before I began placing the flower petals. I used a section of my bedspread for inspiration. The design was not identical, but something to go by.

After I completed the main leaves I then switched over to the colors I would use for the flower petals. The flower I was painting was more of an English rose. I love roses and there are so many types. They are fun to paint, but a little harder to paint being so large. Actually, they are not really hard, but time consuming when they are this big.

After I painted the flowers in, I went back and added more leaves to the stem and around the flowers. This just adds more interest and makes it look fuller.

I ended up going back and adding little sprays of gold randomly around the leafy areas. Any accents you add make it more interesting. It is not necessary, but I like to add more colors.

I stood back and took a look. I really felt more needed to be added to the stem. I added brown and more green to the bottom of the stem where it looked like it was cut.
I also added brown to the entire stem along with the green.

It took a few hours to do this today. I am pleased with the results. I am not quite done with the room. I need to get my curtains made, the room cleaned, and my old doors in place. I will show more pictures as the room progresses.

Remember, it is just paint. If you do not like it when you are finished, it is pretty easy to paint over it. It just takes a little time. That's all!

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