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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hanger Taking a Trip

My shipping policy regarding the sale of my hangers, is to ship them out approximately 7 days prior to the due date the customer gives me on my online form. If they give me a far away date, then I ship the hanger out within approximately a 5 week period. I always let my customers know when their orders have shipped out.

There may be a variation in this policy if for some reason I am not given this amount of time. I do have customers who order and are not even allowing a week turnaround time. I don't recommend that, but it still happens.

Anyway, I shipped out this hanger on the 3rd of October and it had the expected delivery date of October 5th. The bride contacted me the night before she was leaving to go out of town for the wedding, to advise it had not been received. I checked the tracking information and much to my surprise, it still had not been delivered. I really wish the bride would have contacted me sooner, as I would have been able to have a new one made and shipped to her overnight.... Needless to say, she still hasn't received it.

I keep checking the status of the tracking. Looks like it was held too long here in Columbus, and since has been traveling the state of California. I pray that it makes it to her soon, but not really certain that it will. I really hope it is having a good trip and getting a lot of site seeing in....!!

I am not really certain how to handle this? Of course, if it never reaches her I will probably issue her a refund, even though she did not have insurance on it. I keep asking myself if I should do anything for her since it did not arrive on time, even if she does eventually receive it?

I'd love to hear your thoughts. How would you handle this situation?


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1 comment:

Ashley Noelle said...

If it were me I would consider refunding the shipping costs. But I don't think I'd refund the entire purchase. It's not like she's not going to get the product. And photos with the dress/tux could still possibly be taken once she does receive the hangers.
It didn't make to her in time and she didn't insure it and she didn't call you till the last minute.
I understand that brides may have a lot of stress and pressure to remember everything, but that's why she should have delegated that task to someone else and called you sooner.
Just my opinion.