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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This post is in honor of my beloved Eddie. As many of you already know, we had to put him to rest yesterday. He became very sick in June, and although we were able to pull him through the initial illness, he never really fully recovered. Other issues arose such as breathing issues, blindness, hearing loss, and more. As his decline became apparent, we had to make this tough decision and felt it was best to let him rest.

Eddie became part of our lives in the fall of 1996. We had to put our two loving German Shepherds to sleep, due to a stroke and old age. We paid a visit to the animal shelter to see what we could find. On the first visit we saw Eddie. Nick fell in love with him, but after having two very calm dogs, Eddie was pretty hyper. Randy just was not sure about him because he was bouncing all over the place in his cage. We kept looking around and promised we would come back to see what they had the next day.

On our return visit Eddie was still there. We also spotted a quiet little female puppy who was very calm. We got both of them out. I really liked the little female, not really sure what kind of dog she was. Randy was concerned that she was too timid. So, we focused on Eddie. Wouldn't you know it, on our return visit he was a perfect gentleman! Boy, did he pull the wool over our eyes!!!

Eddie was about 12 weeks old when we brought him home. After we made the purchase and commitment to adopt him, the vet came out and talked to us. She advised us that terriers were chasers and love to run. That was great since we had a house full of animals for him to chase. What had we done????

(Pebbles- Hanging out with the other dogs in my living room)

I was not too sure about him when he first come to live with us. He was pretty mean and wild. I wondered if we truly had bought the dog from hell!! What a difference between terriers and German Shepherds! He was never the type of dog who could run freely in the front yard like our shepherds were. No way!

(Kila - Hanging out with Pebbles and Eddie yesterday!)

As he began to grow up, it became apparent that we in fact did make a great decision.
He was full of energy and loved to run, play, hunt, and of course bark!! I never had a dog who really truly believed as much as he did, that visitors came to see him. He demanded their attention and was very vocal about it. Not only did he bark at you to pay pet and play with him, but would bark when guests were leaving. I had never experienced that before.

(Eddie, Kila, and Pebbles yesterday in the living room)

He was also funny with Ashley. It was like he knew she was the baby of the family. He loved to keep her in line, or at least he thought he was. All Randy would have to say is, "Get Ashley". He would respond immediately.

(Pebbles and Eddie looking out in to the backyard together)

I can remember the days in our old house when the squirrels would tease him. He would run our yard and bounce off the privacy fence. He would literally run up it trying to get them on the overhead wires. If one would have fallen, they would have been his lunch! They really liked to tease him to the fullest.

(This became one of his favorite spots in the backyard)

He lived a long, good life with us. He was truly a family member and best friend. My shadow, as I would refer to him in these past few years. I could not make a move without him being right there with me. That is what will make it hard for me now that he has gone. There is so much truth in a dog being a man's best friend.


Rest in peace, Eddie. You will be missed tremendously. Thanks for being such a wonderful pet and friend. September 1996 - September 20, 2010.

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