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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Decorative Painting Your Walls with Violets!

This is the first post I have done in a while regarding decorative painting. I am hoping to continue on with these types of posts. I would also like to add some trash to treasure type posts along the way too.

Of course, I will still be posting about my hangers and painted glassware. Do not fret regarding that. I just feel the need to be more creative and hope this will influence your need too.

Today, I am beginning with a pattern where you base paint your walls whatever color you choose. I went the direction of a light purple color. I am doing these samples on canvas paper for the purpose of demonstration. You will begin by base painting your room. I recommend a paint which is 100% acrylic. With this pattern you can go either flat or semi-gloss, or whatever sheen you prefer.

Step # 2- If you do not feel comfortable just placing the leaves in random places, you can opt to place pieces of tape in the desired pattern. Once you place your tape, step back and view their placements. This is the time to rearrange if need be.

Step # 3- Begin by removing each piece of tape, one at a time and painting your leaf pattern. I chose to use 4 leaves, however you can trim it down to 3 if you would like. This is matter of your preference at this point. Continue placing the leaves in the spots where you placed your tape until all of the tape is removed.

Step # 4 - Add the violet petals to each bunch of leaves. Finish the violet pattern with yellow dots in the middle.

Your project is now finished. It is time to step back and enjoy the beauty of your newest creation. If you do not wish to have a pattern all over the entire wall, you could just place sprays of violets in random places.

Accessorize your room to coordinate with your newest decorative painted wall....Share it with all of your guests when they come over to visit!!

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