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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Life has been a little odd for me this week trying to get adjusted to my newest family member. I have found myself being a lot more active running after her and working on the potty training bit. I am beginning to think puppies are for young people, just like small children. Boy am I tired!!

My morning begins getting dressed quickly to run Pebbles outside to do her morning business. Of course, this includes my other two dogs joining in as well. It might even include a romp on the steps as we are making our way down to the family room. Once in the yard, everyone is fair game.

The next step includes breakfast for all three dogs. What this actually means is the pup will be fed in her bowl, while the other two are hand feed pieces of her food while we watch her eat. Sometimes Pebbles decides she wants to be hand fed too. Fairness for all I guess!

After we finish with that, it is time to take another trip to the yard. This could include some chasing and digging in the sandbox. Randy made a sandbox for our middle dog, who loved to dig in the sand at our old house. She did not pay much attention to it until the pup came along. The pup loves to dig in it, just to get the roots and grass to pop out so she can chew or eat them. She thinks she is starving....

After we finish with this part of the morning, we proceed down to my work room. More romping and shredding will go on before it is time for Pebbles to take her morning nap. She tries to get me to hold her while she sleeps. I hold her for a few minutes and then keep trying to put her down. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. I go through this most of the day. It is really hard to get much done until Randy comes home. I feel like I did when I started having children. I have to do things while she sleeps or hand her to her dad when he gets home.

We love her very much already!


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P.S. I am going to share a bit of my work for this week. Enjoy!

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