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Sunday, October 25, 2009


Many may think my painting is only done on glass. Actually, quite the contrary. My painting ability actually began on walls and furniture and eventually progressed to glass. I have over 17 years of painting experience which began by stenciling many rooms throughout my home, and flowed over to other's homes as well.

It was not until a few years ago that I began to paint primarily on glass. My interest in painting on glasses was sparked by painting glasses for a swap at a margarita party. Each person who attended was asked to bring a glass wrapped up like a present. At one point during the party each person picked a glass to take home with them.

I went to Pier One and picked up a few cheap glasses. I wanted mine to be unique and painting fun polka dots and different designs was how I did it. People were so happy when they chose my glasses.

It made me feel good and I started to think maybe I had something that would sell. I had already tried to sell my other painted items like floor cloths, shelves, cigar box purses, and other small items but they did not really sell well. That may have been because I was not selling them in the right venue. Who knows?

I now primarily do paint on glass, but really miss painting on walls and furniture. A good friend of mine had a sister who was getting married again recently. Her sister and fiance really love to garden and have beautiful garden in their back yard. My friend wanted to give them something special for their garden. They already have a lot of bird baths, so I suggested a small bench might be a nice additon.

I was able to break away from my large projects this past summer to paint the bench for them. It was so much fun to paint on something else besides glass for a change. I was happy to be asked to do this for them, as I love to share my gift with others. I am hearing that the bride and groom are very pleased with the new addition to their garden. I wish them many years of enjoyment!

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1 comment:

Andrea Baker said...

Oh how beatiful. Makes me want one in my yard! You are so full of fabulous talent!