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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Yesterday began early as I could not sleep. I knew I needed to be up by 7:00 a.m., but actually was up before that. I struggled through the night of sleep with my hubby coughing and waking me up every so often. It was hard enough to go to sleep to begin with.

I got up and started working on a few glasses which needed to be painted so that I could ship them out today. I also began working on the last 12 doggie glasses which I needed to finish. I had 6 of them which were ready to be baked, and was going to start on the final 6. I dreaded the final glasses because I really did not like the design of the dog.

I baked the glasses I had previously worked on while painting the last 6 glasses. I was able to get the base coat on the 6 glasses, before it was time to stop to get ready for a doctor's appointment. I cleaned up and proceeded to get ready for my next event of the day.

This was a new doctor for me and I was not quite sure of the location. I finally found it and after driving around for 10 minutes, I was able to secure a parking spot. I was so glad a left a little early for my appointment.

I went in to the building and found the office with ease. I signed in as directed by the receptionist and then found a seat. Forgetting to bring my own reading material as the office magazines are about parenting and children, I sat down and began to read my emails on my phone to entertain myself. My children are grown and out of my home, so parenting magazines kind of bore me, but my phone kept me going.

After sitting for a 1/2 an hour I was called up to the desk to give my insurance information. Got through that process and returned to my seat. As I am emailing and watching the time, I see many people come and go. I am new to the office so at first I think, it is probably common to have to wait. Finally, about an hour and 40 minutes later, I make a call to tell my hubby. I wanted him know that I would be home some time that night, but was till waiting to be seen. He convinced me to find out how much longer it would be.

I made my way up to the desk and asked the receptionist how much longer it might be. She wanted to know what time my appointment was. I replied that it was at 1:50 and her reaction was one of surprise. It was now 3:30 and you could tell this was not a normal waiting time.

She agreed to see what the hold up was and quickly reassured me I would be seen soon. When the nurse came to get me she told me I had been put down as a no show, and asked why I had been late? I was surprised at the question because I had not been late. What a great way to start out my first visit to their practice. Fortunately, the doctor was very apologetic, as thoughts ran through my head that I would never be back prior to meeting her. Her actions saved me as a future patient.

After over two hours I was able to return home and arrived a few minutes after my hubby. I got home just in time to make dinner. YEAH!!

It does not stop here. After dinner I continued working on the last final dog glasses, while checking my emails. Out of the blue I received an email from the customer who purchased the dog glasses. She seemed confused as to why I was painting the glasses, that she had told me she would be providing a new design this week!! :) I went back to read my email, and in a frenzy when I read it I did not interpret it correctly. I was thinking she wanted the remainder dog glasses and would be sending me a new design for additional glasses. WRONG!! So, all of the time spent painting the dogs was futile. I basically wasted an entire painting day, of which I cannot afford to do. Not to mention, the glasses that she will not be using. I can save the last 6 because they have not been baked.

Needless to say, it was late in the day by this time. I cleaned up and closed up shop for the evening. I was tired and frustrated and ready for bed, but then I received a very nice phone call. It was unexpected you see, my brother-in-law was calling me to find out where to direct people who were interested in my painted glasses. He was part of the event company who put together the Dine by Design event that I donated glasses to this past weekend. I was happy to hear that my glasses were a big hit amongst the attendees. What a nice way to end a crazy day!


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