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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday and Sunday's Projects

Yesterday I spent a good part of the day trying to get caught up on older orders. Many of my customers have been patient with me while I am working through the larger orders I have received. I am close to the end of the large orders and had to concentrate on some of my other orders. It has been nice painting some of my own designs. I have missed those. It is amazing how fast I can complete them compared to the dog glasses. I am certain those will get quicker too, the more practice I get.

I painted a set of 6, 20 ounce red wine glasses with a variety of different floral designs. I also painted a set of 6, 10 ounce wine glasses with a white rose. They really turned out beautifully.

Another order I have tackled was painting two square glass candle holders. They really turned out nice. It is a different design from my normal ones, but It was nice. The customer wanted either cattails or pip berries. I was going to try to incorporate both, however once I got started and just stuck to the cattail theme. I really think the customer will like the. The customer plans to give these as part of a wedding gift. I hope they like them.

I also am participating in donating items for variety boxes that my Etsy Team Columbus will be selling starting in October. I did not understand that if we were going to participate we needed to donate 7 items. I only sent 1, thinking that we were setting up 7 items total for each month. I painted 7 mini pilsner's to be added to the boxes. Our first theme was orange and black.

Next, I worked on an order for two, 20 ounce wine glasses. I painted a teal ribbon on both (for ovarian cancer), and a graduation cap on the other side. I was just about finished and I realized I painted them on the wrong glasses! OOPS!!! I am going to contact the customer to see if these will be okay. I feel really bad. It upsets me when I make these kind of mistakes. The design is cute and hopefully it is okay with the custom.

Tomorrow I plan to continue to work on my small orders and try to get them all out this week. I do still have 12 of the doggie glasses to finish, and want to get them
out also. I am excited to work on my new designs and get holiday designs ready too.

So much to do!!


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