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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Review of the Trunk Show at Market at Serendip

This article was written by Jamie Hevener. The link to her blog: Trunk Show Review

It has been almost a week since the Fall Fashion Trunk Show at Market At Serendip. It seems like a year ago, though. Lots of folks are asking how everything went. So here is my review:
As you walked into the new store in Powell, Ohio called Market At Serendip, you step into a very welcoming, rusticly charming gallery containing some of the newest, hip and upcoming creations. There were paintings, fine hand crafted jewelry and accessories. The purses and bags there ranged from chic designer quality to bohemian new age upcyled. All the wonderful treasures there were original hand crafted designs by local artists and independent designers who show much pride in thier work. Among those displays were two tables of our Trunk Show Artistans of the night.
Deb and Etsy Team Columbus had generously provided a bountiful assortment of cheeses, crackers, fruit, desserts, as well as sodas, wines and other refreshments. It was classy, yet unpretentious.
The attendance was a constant inflow of local residents and good friends from out of town who came out to support, shop and visit with us.
As the guests made their way through the gallery, they came to the back room where the actual Fall Fashion Trunk Show was beheld. Amy from Painted House had many beautiful hand painted glasswares for sale. Audra was there with her dear Grandmother to offer many wonderful hand knitted and felted bags and accessories. Karla from Adornments by Karla had a glorious display of crystal, metallic and glass combinations of beaded jewelry. Heather of Smarty Pants Designs had her artisan hand rolled beads and one of a kind buttons in rich color swirled combinations. Traci from T and Little Scrapper Designs had a great assortment of hand designed paper gifts of stationery and various paper gifts, along with hand crafted coasters in trendy patterns. HevVin Designs (that's me) had a display of one of a kind clutches, made from repurposed designer mid-century fabrics and. The fabrics went from formal laces and velvets to funky 70's wool plaids. We all offered 10% off to each buyer that night, as incentive to our buyers.
The sales that night for each of us ended up being not as high as hoped, even though the place had a steady stream of guests. The economy is taking the indie craft market for a little ride, right now- and not in a good way. But all in all everyone was pleased.
At 8:30 that night, we had a raffle drawing which offered prizes donated by Adornments by Karla, Painted House and German Village Antiques. All of the money from the raffle went to Oak Stone Schools, raising a $50.00 gift to them.
Thank you so much to the hard working women of Etsy Team Columbus, Deb and her staff from Market At Serendip , those who came out to support us and Oakstone and those who helped spread the word.
Keep posted for some pics of that night, coming very soon.

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