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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ragging Your Walls

Ragging is another easy faux treatment that may be used on many surfaces, including your walls. Turn your walls from plain to beautiful using a few different colors of paint, a few rags, and a paint brush. It really is as simple as that.

This painting technique may be painted over any type of sheen, but works well over semi-gloss and 100 % acrylic paint. In this technique, much like the color washing you will dilute your paint. This will allow the base color of the walls to show through.

Begin by diluting both shades of paint you are going to use in this technique. I normally choose two colors, but you certainly may use more if you like. I begin by choosing colors to coordinate with the base coat. In the sample given you will see a carmel brown. A slightly lighter golden brown color was chosen along with a white.

Start in a corner like you would the color washing technique. You will place a small amount of each color on the walls using a paint brush. Try to work in small areas at a time. No larger than about two feet in diameter. Do it in random shapes to avoid creating a pattern. Start at the top of a wall and move down toward the flower.

After you place the two colors of paint on the wall, pull some of the paint off the wall by placing the lint free rag on the painted area. You place it in the painted areas and pull straight up from the wall. Move your rag in different directions to deviate the design.

Rinse out the rag and ring it out well once it becomes too saturated with paint. This will allow your rag to pull the paint and create interesting designs. You may always add more paint to the walls if you do not like the look created.

As you continue to move around the room, your paint will start to thicken up. Add water to keep the inky consistency of the paint. If it gets too thick it will look more like a blob on the wall. You want to create visual interest. Your paint will be heavier in some areas, that's okay, but you do not want it to look like it was put on too heavy in one spot. It should be pleasing to the eye.

This is also a wonder technique to add further decorative painting to it. Hand painted vines and other designs look nice with faux painted walls. It really is an affordable way to add to your home decor or office decor, without spending a fortune.

Always remember, if you try it and do not like it you just have to paint over it. You never know, you just may love it! Surprise yourself and give it a try.


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