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Saturday, September 19, 2009

One of My Projects

I started working on the cookie beer mug a few days ago. I finished painting and baking it last night. This project was inspired by a customer who wanted this painted for her husband. Cookies and beer really don't sound good together, but oh well. To each their own...Maybe it is he two favorite things and she just put them together. One can only hope!

The funny thing about this project is while painting it the first night, I really got a craving for Oreo Cookies. I cannot remember a time where my painting made me hungry. That really is kind of an odd thing. Hopefully, this is not the beginning of a new trend. I am always wanting to lose weight like most women.... I paint a major part of the day and this could really get ugly for me!!!

I tried to get my husband to go to the store to buy Oreo Cookies for me, but I could not get him to budge from the couch. He then asked me to go to the Dairy Queen. I was not going to do it, but then I remembered they had Oreo Blizzards. It was not hard to talk me in to it, yep that is right, I went to Dairy Queen. Needless to say, the blizzard really hit the spot!


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