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Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Work For Today

Today I began by coating the glassware for a few smaller orders. I baked them last night and needed to get them coated and then shipped out the door today. These orders included two different size glasses painted with my Tuscan design. Both were actually for birthday gifts. The next order was for two sunflower design wine glasses for a wedding gift. The last two items were ice cream bowls, mint chocolate chip and strawberry ice cream flavors. I painted these for my son's girlfriends little girls. They were also shipped out today. I figured it would be fun for them to receive in the mail, even though they live in town. I even added a couple of spoons I have a friend coat the hands with clay. Pretty neat!

I have completed another 32 doggie glasses. I am still baking them, but the painting has been completed. I will be sharing a few photos and will have more tomorrow. This order will ship out tomorrow afternoon, with two more to follow after this weekend.

Tomorrow will be more doggie glasses. I need to re-stock my paint supply. I am running low and thought I had more brown that I actually do. It ended up being green which I do not really need for the dogs. Have not seen too many green dogs lately!!



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