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Monday, August 31, 2009

What's Up?

The ice cream bowls are officially completed. YEAH!!!!!! I am ready to pack them up and ship them out. You cannot not begin to know what a relief this is. I am closer to getting my car back in the garage and being able to move on to other projects.

Yesterday I spent the day painting the ice cream bowls for the kids. I also included two bowls for my son's girlfriends daughters. I am planning to ship them out to the girls also. They live in town, but I think it would be fun for them to receive the boxes in the mail. A special surprise for each one. I know how much I love to receive orders in the mail. It is almost like Christmas all year round!!

I worked on a few swerve martini glasses for a smaller order too. That was fun breaking away from the ice cream bowls and working on something new. I love to mix things up. It get boring doing the same pattern 500 times!! I love the large orders for the money part, but it takes from my creativity. A mixture is nice.

Today I will be concentrating on the dog glasses. So new pictures will be posted soon. I need to get the remaining 121 out by the end of this week!

Enjoy your day!

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