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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Recent Projects I am Working On

I have been working very hard on a few projects. I am trying very hard to get the fall themed mini pilsners out the door. I am painting 225 of them for an October Wedding toast. I will also be painting a champagne and cake cutting set to coordinate with them. So far I have 120 of them painted. My goal is to get them shipped out by Monday. I am hoping I can say I have shipped all 225 out by then.

I am also working on a large project of painting 190 ice cream dishes for a wedding favor. This is for a September wedding. I only have 24 of them painted. They are a sunflower theme, except 4 of them will actually be painted with different flavor of ice cream themes.

I also recently completed a small project of painting 30 small flower pot votive holders. They were painted with a burgundy rose theme. They are going to be used as wedding favors as well.

Last but not least, I finished an order of 8 large wine glasses for close family members for a bride. Their family has had 4 weddings this year. They are gifts for aunts and grandmothers who have helped so much with everything pertaining to putting these weddings on.

I have attached pictures for you to enjoy!


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