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Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Dogs' Life

It's plain and simple, the most important thing to my dog Kila is food. Of course she loves her dad and I, but her biggest worry each day is what goodies she will have to eat. She also concerns herself with how hard she will have to try to get them. It might even include standing on top of the kitchen table, as well as making attempts to access the counter tops. This is no joke either!

As her mom and dad we spend much of our time trying to Kila proof the house. At times it feels like we have little kid. The chairs around our kitchen table have to be moved in such a way making an attempt to avoid access to the table top. It is imperative the chairs not come even close to the counter top. If they do, you know where you will find her! If she is lucky enough to find herself on top of the table, you can see her little mind trying to figure out how to get from point A (table top) to point B (counter top). I believe she is part dog and part cat. Nothing is safe!!

You are never without Kila while you are in the most important room of the house, the kitchen. If you are not sharing she turns to scavenging the floor for crumbs. Once this task is finished, she will finally eat her own food, but only after she is 100% positive nothing will fall in to her mouth from you.

There is a process for eating her food as well. She often cannot stand at her bowl to eat, it requires her to eat one piece of food at a time in the middle of the living room. She has good taste you know!

While Kila spends most of her time hunting for food, her brother Eddie (The Ole Fart), spends most of his time looking for a place to sleep. He is my shadow, wherever I go he is laying beside me catching some shut eye. He is resting for me. He is so kind.

I do have to share one last thing. What makes my dogs world go round is their favorite thing in the whole world, their doggie treats. They both may get a little demanding, however I would have to admit that Kila gets a crazy look in her eyes when the needs for a treat hits. Life is tough in our household!

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