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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Creating An Old World Look

A very popular style is Tuscany, or an Old World look. This can be a nice design style for a dining room, kitchen, or even a bedroom. It is often created with browns, golds, and greens and is considered a warm romantic style.

The look of stucco is definitely a painting technique which works well in a Tuscany style design. It works nicely if you are creating an exposed brick look in random places on the walls. It also adds to the look of aged and cracked walls. This is perfect to be used on imperfect walls to distract from the imperfections.

You are going to begin by basecoating your walls with the desired color. This color will typically be darker than the additional colors that will be added later. In the next step you will be using a mop brush. This type of brush has long bristles. Use light and airy movements while pouncing the brush over the surface. The brush should be loaded with a lighter coordinating color. Make sure you continue to move your brush around to keep the design in a varying pattern.

The next step will call for you to use a darker color than the previous one, but not one which is darker than the basecoat. You will mix this color with a blending gel. Using a flat brush do random strokes over the painted area, leaving some of the pattern darker than in other areas. This is a great way to add depth and texture.

Next you will grab the mop brush and pounce on the surface a lighter color than used in the second step. This will bring out the lighter color more. Be careful not to over pounce. You want to concentrate primarily on the lighter sections.

The final step in the stucco technique is to spatter white paint over the entire surface. You may use a special tool for this process or use another brush hand to spatter the paint filled bristles from another brush. This is done by hitting the brush with paint on it, on the handle of the other brush. Continue to move around the surface. You will need to mix your paint in this step with water or a flow medium to achieve an inky consistency.

When you are finished just remember the importance of cleaning your tools, especially the mop brush. This will keep them in good condition, allowing you to
use them again on future projects.

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