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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Creating the Look of Leather

Leather is popular amongst many people today. You often see this material used on sofas, car seats, and many other objects. It can be pricey to upgrade to leather instead of using cloth.

Have you ever considered using this material for other home decor objects? Well, now you can create the look of leather for a fraction of the cost. Using this faux technique will enable you to have this look on other items, not just your sofas. You can use it on your walls, tables, lamps, and whatever else you may find.

The look of leather combines two techniques, stippling and drybrushing. You will begin by basecoating your surface with black. Next, you will mix Raw Umber with a texture medium. You are going to use a dry mob brush for this next step. You will load the brush with paint. Before pouncing on your surface, pounce it on a paper towel or similar product to remove excess paint. When you begin to pounce this color over the black, make sure you rotate your brush around so you are not creating a distinct pattern.

The next step will require you to mix Burnt Sienna with a clear medium, as well as Raw Sienna with clear medium. You are going to double load your mop brush with each of these mixtures. Pounce the brush on a paper towel or similar product as in the previous step. Once you have done this, pounce your brush over the entire surface, reloading when necessary.

Once this has dried you will use a fan brush to drybrush gold metallic paint randomly over your surface. If you need to thin the paint, it is okay to mix with water. This is a light application and should not completely cover the color below it.

The final step requires you to use a dry mop brush. Using the stipple technique, you will apply satin varnish over the surface. This will create more texture on the surface, creating the look of leather.

It is recommended before creating this look on your project, that you do this technique first on a practice board. You should be able to find these at your local hardware store. This will give you the opportunity to practice loading the different brushes, and get the feel of the pressure needed to create the desired look.

It is time now to jump in and begin working on your project. Relax and have fun!


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