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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Can't Afford Granite?

Buying granite is very costly and often many cannot afford it. You can still have the look without the cost. You are probably wondering how that might be possible? If you are a faux painter, the sky is the limit.

An important part of creating a look of granite, is learning the spattering technique. There are many tools that may be used when spattering paint. Keep in mind this may be messy. It is definitely one of the messier faux technique that you can use. You may consider doing this outside or covering your work area well before you begin.

You are going to begin creating your granite look by first applying a smooth basecoat. Often the basecoat is going to be a darker color. The paint color you will be using to spatter with needs to be thinned with water to make it an inky consistency. After you achieve the desired consistency place the brush you will be using in to the paint. Make sure it is fully loaded with paint. You will hit the loaded brush onto the handle of another paint brush, while moving evenly across the surface of your project. If you want to add another color or coat of the same color, allow the first coat to dry.

One of the best brushes to use for this faux finish is a fan brush. You may achieve a different look when you turn the fan brush in different direction. Each one will create a slightly different look.

This is all there is to creating the granite look. It truly is easy, however I still recommend using practice boards or even waxed paper to practice on. The key to doing this style of painting is to get the feel for which tool works best for you, as well as learning the correct amount of pressure to use when hitting the paint loaded brush on to the handle of the other brush.

You never can practice too much when it come to painting techniques!


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